1. Screw spindle into spacing plate
2. Slide spacing plate under tile–install adjacent
3. Turn spindle clockwise until tiles are aligned and flush


 Surface Preparation


   1 - Ensure surface is suitable for tiling. Follow recommendations of your tile manufacturer to identify suitable surfaces.
   2 - Assess substrate for flatness or eveness. Fill in gaps, dips and cracks with an appropriate compound. Some surfaces may require the use of a surface-self-levelling product before tiles are laid. Back buttering tiles may also compensate for uneven areas
   3 - Ensure area is clear of debris and swept clean
   4 - Follow directions for surface preparation recommended by your tile adhesive manufacturer.







We know your time is precious. We know you want to move onto your next job or spent time doing other stuff, so we made our own socket bit that is guaranteed to fit our spindles safely and securely.
Attach the socket bit to your drill and adjust the spindle in a flash. Removing the spindle when your adhesive is dry is also super fast.
We recommend that your drill be no greater than 10.8 volts and its cluch set to low. Visit our guides page for more information on how to get the best results with your drill and the ATR Tile Leveling Alignment System. SHOP NOW!




Offset tile Straight tile


Q. What are the advantages of using the Tile Leveller?
A. It is quick and easy to use, provides an accurate smooth finish and has been proven to decrease installation time.
Q. Can the Spindle be reused?
A. Yes, the spindle is reusable and recyclable.
Q. Does the Tile Leveller eliminate lippage?
A. The Tile Leveller will eliminate any lippage under circumstances where the floor or wall coverage area is reasonably level.
Q. How much faster is the tile levelling process using the ATR system?
A. Feedback from installers in large and confined areas say it has increased their productivity in their metre laying time by 20–35%.
Q. Can the Tile Leveller be used with any tile?
A. The Tile Leveller is designed to work with any size tile with a thickness of between 6mm and 20mm.
Q. What type of tile can the Tile Leveller be used on?
A. The Tile Leveller will work with ceramic, porcelain, marble, onyx, granite and most composites.
Q. Can the Tile Leveller be used on walls?
A. Yes, the Tile Leveller can be used on walls.
Q. What is the learning curve using the Tile Leveller?
A. It is a very simple procedure which only takes minutes to learn.
Q.  What size trowel is recommended?
A. We recommend a 12mm trowel especially for thicker tiles or at a minimum a 10mm trowel for any size tile down to a thickness of 6mm.
Q. Can a cordless drill be used to install and remove the spindle?
A. Yes, we recommend using a cordless drill with voltage no greater than 10.8 volts, its clutch mechanism set to low to prevent any over tightening and a 10mm double hexagon metric socket.