Cross and Edge spacing plates


2mm floor and wall cross spacing plate
2mm floor and wall edge spacing plate
3mm floor and wall spacing plate
3mm floor and wall spacing plate
The spacing plate is available in 2mm and 3mm sizes.
The cross and edge spacing plates are used for straight set tiling
To know how many plates you need for your tiling go to the guide page.

 T spacing plate

Straight tiling
T spacing plate
The T spacing plates comes in 2mm and 3mm sizes. The innovative plate design permits greater depth of grout over the spacing plate.
The T spacing plate is used for offset tiling.
With the T spacing plate you'll save time with your brick pattern installations.






Offset tiling
20mm spindle
The adjustable spindle fits all wall and floor spacing plates, and can be used for the laying of tiles on both walls and floors.
The spindle is designed to work with tile thicknesses of between 6mm and 18mm.
The spindle is pre-assembled and can be used with a cordless drill




20mm pre-assembled spindle